Nigel Thornley
Nigel Thornley is a retired engineer. He currently lives in Nova Scotia, where he stays busy developing personal projects using solar power and tending his organic garden. As well as being an activist in clean energy, Nigel also advises friends and others on ways to achieve wellness through good nutrition.

Doug Pope
Doug Pope has a background in publishing and filmmaking. His interests include art, gardening and investments. He lives in Hantsport, Nova Scotia with his wife Kathleen. He is co-founder and editor of This Green World.

Kathleen Rosborough
Kathleen is a retired teacher and administrator. Recently Kathleen is pursuing her dream of starting her own garden and researching health issues—this in lieu of her real dream, which is living in a hotel in Paris being served martinis by Vladimir Nabokov and his wife Véra. Kathleen is a co-founder and an editor of This Green World.

Jay Heffernan
Based in Whistler, BC. I am planning to write about the environment and environmental initiatives as seen in British Columbia. I am also considering a self build housing project in the next few years and I’ll begin to write about my research in D.I.Y. home building.

Julia K – R.H.N.
Julia is a recent graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is an outdoor and fitness enthusiast. Julia provides nutrition and lifestyle counselling at Oxford Chiropatric in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Joanne Light

Joanne is an artist and writer. She grew up in the Annapolis Valley, the daughter of a cattle farmer. She studied art, psychology and education, skills she has used in her travels through Canada and abroad. Her books include descriptions of her encounters with northern cultures, as well as practical guides to hiking trails in Nova Scotia and essays and children’s books on the environment.


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